The SAW Militia is armed, active and strong.

The militia in Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro is strong and patriotic. Membership is well over 1000 and nearly every member is trained, armed and ready to serve and protect.

Virginia defines the militia as three classes. The Virginia Army National Guard, the Virginia defense force and the unorganized militia with the national guard making up the bulk of the militia.

Here locally we have several prestigious national guard units within the militia, the 266MP company, the 116th infantry and HHC1 1st brigade, 29th infantry division, all of which have seen extensive combat abroad.

The Virginia Defense force fills the roles of the national guard when the guard is deployed. They train to guard our armories and takes roles during emergencies when the national guard is gone. They train monthly, sometimes alongside the national guard.

Last but not least is the unorganized militia. This consists of all able-bodied persons between the ages of 16 and 55. When all else fails, the people will fill in where the national guard and Virginia Defense force cannot.

The militia is not something new, it’s something that is very much alive and thriving. What needs to happen locally is our government officials need to provide provisions to give the county the ability to muster the unorganized militia.

This will provide additional volunteers for emergency services to the area, provide addition community services and protect the rights of the people. Read more about the Virginia 1-13 militia movement here.

God Bless our militia and God Bless America.

§ 44-1. Composition of militia.

The militia of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall consist of all able-bodied residents of the Commonwealth who are citizens of the United States and all other able-bodied persons resident in the Commonwealth who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, who are at least 16 years of age and, except as hereinafter provided, not more than 55 years of age. The militia shall be divided into three classes: the National Guard, which includes the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard; the Virginia Defense Force; and the unorganized militia.

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