Augusta County BOS will consider militia muster.

Photo by Josh Bond with ENOUGH.

At last nights meeting the Augusta County Board of Supervisors heard the citizens request to organized a militia muster by supporting the Virginia 1-13 resolution. You can view the Virginia 1-13 resolution template at The board room has an occupancy limit of 200 people and nearly every single seat was taken with some people standing along the walls.

You can sign the Augusta County 1-13 petition here.

More than one speaker in support of the muster pointed out how a volunteer service group could benefit the county during an emergency crisis by delivering food and medicine to the elderly, clearing roadways and even helping out with school projects like installing lights on the girls softball fields.

No citizens opposed the resolution.

Towards the end of the meeting board member Pam Carter asked the crowd to stand if they are at the meeting to support the militia muster and nearly every single person stood.

The Virginia 1-13 is a resolution that many counties around Virginia are considering to include Shenandoah County and Frederick County.

Two primary groups attended last night’s meeting, the Augusta County 1-13 and the ENOUGH group have been working closely to promote the 1-13 movement in the area.

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